Virtual Tour

The ultimate Documentation Tool

No more checking your folder of +500 photos taken on site and trying to figure out which side is which and which floor are you at. 

Save Time

No need to go back and forth to the project site - one visit is all needed to capture all the information you need

Gain Clarity

Get instant view of a property layout by using the "floor plan" feature and get the ability to align floors on top of each other

High Accuracy

The ability to measure inside the virtual tour is a game changer - not only that, the level of accuracy is so high & reliable

We Believe Virtual Tours should be a standard tool for any design professional who wants to deliver high quality work and depend on a single source of truth

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Why We Love Virtual Tours

At Jay Cad, we rely everyday on virtual tours to create high quality as-built drawings for our customers. Having the ability to quickly navigate a property and measure directly from the scan is a no-brainer in our daily operations.  


Before virtual tours, it was difficult to take all the required photos on site and not miss anything.

In some cases, our field team had to go back to site because we missed a single picture and as a result missed a door or a window! 


Back at the office, it was difficult to link photos to our field sketch and even sometime not being sure which floor it is specially if the layout matches on all floors. 


Fortunately, these are all problems of the past and we have a reliable source of information 


We tried a few virtual tours solutions and ultimately chose to use Matterport.


Matterport cloud software offers the most versatile solution and keep expanding the different tools offered.


Combined with Matterport camera (Pro 2) we have a huge advantage and get the most out of their solution.


How To Get A Virtual Tour

Our team is available all week long to help you get a virtual tour in no time!


Do You Need As-Built Drawings?

Combine your virtual tour with a an as-built drawing set to get the ultimate documentation of a property 


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