Top 5 Free CAD Blocks Websites For Interior Designers

Finding Autocad blocks online can be a tough challenge with hundreds of websites promoting all kinds of CAD blocks.

Often these platforms promote either engineering cad blocks or architectural cad blocks and very few if any cad blocks for interior designers.

Another challenge that all designers and CAD users face in the United States is that majority of the platforms that offer CAD blocks only offer it in Metric units rather than Imperial (English) units.

Therefore, I created this blog post to help you find the proper CAD blocks for your projects saving you time and effort!

One of the things that I did when I found these websites originally is that I was looking specifically for manufacturers that provide CAD drawings for their products.

The reason for that is I wanted to get accurate CAD blocks with proper (or exact) dimensions and visually matching the product itself rather than an outline.






The Breakdown

CAD Details

CAD Details (caddetails.com) is probably the best platform you can use to find CAD blocks because the platform is made to be a directory for manufacturers’ CAD blocks and BIM objects.

Through the CAD Details website, I got to know which manufacturers focus on offering digital files of their products.


Kohler is one of my favorite manufacturers because they do a great job with offering digital files of almost their entire collection of products.

Essentially, its one of the best to get kitchen and bathroom blocks (sinks, faucets, bathtubs, toilet seats … etc).

Kohler makes it very easy to find their CAD blocks because they include them in each product page.

You might have a few challenges with Kohler CAD blocks as some products only have 3D CAD files with no 2D CAD drawing, and some of their products are no longer in production so no CAD blocks offered – they probably left the product pages to keep offering general documentation and support materials.


Toto is your 2nd destination to find kitchen and bath CAD blocks.

They also make it easy by including the CAD blocks in the product page.

I don’t use Toto often just because I am more familiar and comfortable with Kohler website but you shouldn’t have any problems using it.

Herman Miller

Herman Miller offers a huge collection of CAD blocks and Revit BIM families for their furniture products.

The link I included in the name takes you directly to their download page for all the different digital files they offer.

I use them to get blocks for commercial furnishing mainly. Easy to use files, and organized.

Archi Products

Archi Products Bim page acts as a directory for manufacturers that offer CAD blocks and BIM families.

One of the challenges that I had with Archi Products is that some products only have BIM (Revit) files or the product is metric because the manufacturer is foreign.

My recommendation is to filter through the products to find what you need.

I wish they had a Country filter to only see US manufacturers!

Need a collection of CAD blocks ready to use in your projects without searching and filtering through all these platforms? Head to Jay Cad Store to get standard CAD blocks made in inches (imperial units), properly organized, and easy to use!

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