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New interior layout
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Scope Of Service


The first step toward any project is determining what is possible – we help you understand how big or small we can go with the project. 

Having a budget in mind helps make the feasilibity process straightforward. 


Once feasibility is determined and the goal is set, we will move to the design phase.

In the design phase, we create schematic drawings that show the layout, outline the different elements of a project and set the stage for the next step. 

The design phase can be a lengthy process where we bounce ideas back and forth with the client to reach the ideal layout & configuration

Construction Documents

Once the design is determined and approved by the client, we move to the construction documents phase. 


Construction documents are also known as submission drawings. 


Submission drawings consist of all the required drawings needed to be able to submit to the city building or planning departments. 


At this phase, a structural engineer and an energy consultant engage in the project and have their input as well




When we are done creating the construction documents, we submit the drawings set to the city building or planning department to apply for a building permit. 


With our vast experience and our rockstar team, we get your project approved fast and help you get to the construction phase! 

Residential ADU

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