Residential design is a service that everyone can use. 

Interior designers make up a $23.8 billion market size, which bodes well for your ability to find the residential design services that you need. When you’re looking for next-level design work, you first need a primer on what to look for. 

Sunny Los Angeles is home to some of the best homes, architecture, and real estate value that you’ll find. Choosing a quality interior design company in the area is the icing on the cake when you want to fall in love with your residence. 

Here’s what you need to know about residential design and its many benefits. 

1. Start With Your Goals

Before revamping your interior design, you must outline your goals. Knowing what you need will help you decide on the best residential design services on the market. 

There are several reasons that you might choose to invest in residential design services, including:

Once you know your goals, you can link up with residential designers that can suggest unique changes that will accomplish them. Investing in a quality set of cedar or cherry hardwood floors can provide a 70%-80% return on investment (ROI). Adding natural lighting to your living space can improve your mood and build property values at the same time. 

2. Assess Their Style and Artistic Eye

Residential design is as much of an art as fashion or painting. The artistic and style choices that they make will have stark changes on your property and the way that you interact with it. 

As you browse through different residential designer catalogs, you’ll have the chance to gauge their style choices and artistic leanings. Since Los Angeles is such an artistic and creative capital of the world, you’ll have no shortage of pros that can help you out. They might specialize in art styles like:

Each design choice can result in different effects, so make sure you explore these styles to the fullest, and whether or not it fits in your home. Many designers can also offer a blend of multiple styles. 

You should also assess the types of residential interior design services that they specialize in, including:

Go through the company’s list of services until you feel satisfied that they can help you with what you need. 

3. Consider Their Location in the City

Los Angeles residential design also requires you to know the location of your professional. Angelinos recognize that their city features nearly 4 million people and that the city is spread out and eclectic. Each of Los Angeles’ many neighborhoods features a personality of its own, to the point of feeling like its own independent city or town. 

As a result, you’ll need to make sure that your designer understands the sensibilities of where you live. Someone in the San Fernando Valley might need a different designer than a person living in Beverly Hills or Brentwood. 

Culture aside, you also know that Los Angeles traffic is thick, so you’ll need to plan out consultations and meetings. Consider their area code and zip code when deciding on which designers to do business with. 

4. Make Sure They’re Modern and Up to Date

Any residential design company that you hire should also be up to date with all matters of interior design and real estate. Even if they specialize in traditional styles, your designer needs to have modern leanings with the way they do business. 

This includes matters like:

It’s easier to get up and running with a company that you’re doing business with when they constantly stay ahead of the curve. These customers are better able to put customers first and accommodate your requests. 

5. Weigh the Cost of Residential Interior Design

Finally, make sure that you weigh the prices that residential design companies are charging you for their services. Sit down for a consultation with the top five residential interior design pros that you decide to do business with. 

During the consultation, they’ll offer a price sheet for their work, along with an itemized list of each role they’ll perform. Compare these quotes between a few different professionals to make sure that your residential interior design work is cost-effective. 

Handle Your Residential Design Needs

The tips above will help you find the best residential design service available. You should also check out as many references and reviews as you can to make sure you’re making the right decision. 

Jay Cad provides the best residential design services in Los Angeles and the Southern California area. We’re happy to show you how our expertise can transform your precious living spaces. 

Jay Cad provides high-quality, efficient CAD drafting. Click here to get a free quote from us today.


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