How to Add a CAD Library in Autocad For Mac

Did you know that Autocad (for Windows & Mac) has a built-in library of blocks that you can use?

Not only that, but you can also add your own libraries to the list of libraries available in Autocad.

FYI: Written instructions are after the videos if you decide not to watch.

To learn how to access the built-in library, watch this video:

To learn how to add a library to the libraries list, watch this video:

If you prefer to read the instructions, then follow along:

Once you have Autocad open, you should see a tabs section on the right side similar to this:

From the three icons on the top, click the one on the far right (Blocks):

Once you click on the Blocks tab, you will see 4 icons under it. You will need to choose the one on the far right to look at the libraries:

Under it, you will see a list that is showing “Annotation – Imperial” by default. Click on that and you will see this list:

At the bottom of the list, you will see a button called: “Manage Libraries”. Click on it and you will see the Library manager:

From here, you will see there are “+” plus signs on the bottom. Click the one on the left side and you will create a new library that can be named. I will name my new library “JAY CAD” – You can call yours to match the library you are adding. If you are adding furniture blocks, then maybe call it “Furnishing”:

Once you name your library, you need to click on the plus sign on the right side to add blocks to this newly created library:

When you click on that, a “finder” window will appear. From there, locate your CAD library file and choose it. When you choose it, you will get a prompt window from Autocad asking you the following:

You should choose “This drawing contains multiple blocks” since we want Autocad to load all the blocks that are in that CAD file. Once you click that, you will see the blocks loaded in that library and you can close the Libraries Manager window:

Now you can head to the libraries list again and locate your newly created library:

When you click it, you should see now all the blocks you added to that library in the Blocks Library tab:

From here, you now right-click on any of the blocks and choose insert in drawing or just drag and drop into your drawing space.

That was it!

WARNING: If you move the file that contains that library, or delete it, or rename it, you won’t see the blocks in the library anymore and you should repeat the process.

WARNING: This blog post and videos were made using Autocad LT For Mac – 2021. The process is the same for the 2020 year version but I can’t guarantee similar results in previous Autocad versions.

Have questions or problems adding a library to your Autocad?

Contact me and I will gladly help you figure out the issue.



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