We share a lot of information on learning AutoCAD – the AEC industry standard for precise drawings 

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This is the guide I reference when tutoring AutoCAD – essentially a roadmap for both the learner and myself to stay on track & make sure we cover the most important concepts. 


A work in progress and you are welcome to check out! 


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Welcome to our education page on Jay Cad where I share all things Autocad with a focus on Autocad for Mac. 


In case you are wondering about the slideshow above, I am putting this together to serve as a master guide to learning AutoCAD. 


Even though it says AutoCAD for Mac, the same concepts apply to the Windows version with slight differences. 


I create tutorials using inches & feet and do my best to share all relevant material. 


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Only inches & feet – unfortunately, I do not work with the metric system anymore! 

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