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How to Download Autocad For Free

AutoCAD is a computer-aided design (CAD) software application developed and marketed by Autodesk. It is used for creating 2D and 3D designs in a range of industries, including architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing. With AutoCAD, users can create precise 2D…

Who uses Autocad Anyway?

Autocad is one of the first computer-aided design software ever made. It’s designed mainly for the AEC industries (Architectural, Engineering, Construction). It offers 2D drafting tools, 3D modeling tools, and visualization and rendering tools. Designers and engineers from all the…

Autocad VS Autocad LT | 2020 UPDATE

Autocad VS Autocad LT cover image
Autocad is one of the best tools for engineers and technicians out there, but finding the right version for you can be a bit tricky. With that in mind, we are here to help you make this process easier. Which is the best version for you, Autocad or Autocad LT? Let’s see what’s included in each version, what price you have to pay and how can each one of these fits your needs.
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