Autocad Tips For Mac Users | 2020 Update

Hello Mac users!

In this blog post, I want to share a few tips with Autocad users on Mac:

Use A Mouse – Touchpad Will Limit You

  1. Absolutely do not count on your touch touchpad! This goes to Windows users but Mac users tend to heavily use their touchpad compared to Windows users because of its ability to have several functions and the ability to change these functions.
  2. No magic mouse! Highly not recommended! Use any other brand mouse with 2 buttons and a wheel. You will need the left button for selection, right-button for options, and the wheel to zoom in & out the drawing area.
  3. My personal recommendation? Go with Logitech mice – a leader in computer peripherals.

You Have iMac? Great! – Using a MacBook? Read Below:

MacBook and MacBook Air are limited on resources – their processors are slower compared to Macbook Pro.

You will have a smoother experience with a MacBook Pro – Called “Pro” for a reason.

The new Macbook Pros, however, have a smaller monitor (Unless you buy the expensive 16″ Macbook Pro) therefore it’s highly recommended to get a separate monitor and hook it up to your laptop.

Autocad interface has a lot of commands and different menus that you will be using – A bigger monitor will help you work effortlessly and see everything clearly compared to gluing your eyes to the monitor.

Want More Tips? Join My Free Course on Teachable!

I created a written course for Autocad – Mac users on Teachable with instructions on how to use the software properly and sharing valuable resources helpful for the absolute beginner and advanced users.


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