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AutoCAD Mac Course

From Zero To Hero

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To learn everything you need for your
Architecture or Interior Design project!

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A project-based course made for AutoCAD Mac users and focused on Architecture & Interior designs students and professionals.

This is the only course that solely focuses on AutoCAD Mac without any mention of the windows version.

This course is focused and narrowed to the absolute essential concepts to learn, to help you get up to speed on AutoCAD in no-time!

You will learn over 50 commands & concepts and guarantee for you to become an advanced user by the end of the course.

What You'll Be Able to Do after Completion

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Course Topics

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Course Outline

Section 1: The Essentials | 9 Lectures
Lecture 01Introduction
Lecture 02Status Bar & The Units
Lecture 03Drawing Commands
Lecture 04Control Points – Vertex or Verteces
Lecture 05Modifying Commands
Lecture 06Snap Settings
Lecture 07Drawing An Outline
Lecture 08Adding Dimensions and Dimension Style Manager
Lecture 09Importing Dimension Styles
Lecture 10Customizing Shortcuts
Lecture 11Adding Walls Thickness with Offset Command
Lecture 12Adding interior layout
Lecture 13• Cleaning Layout lines with Trim
Lecture 14• Placing Room Names with Text command
Lecture 15Text Editing and Importing Text Styles
Lecture 16Main File Formats in AutoCAD
Lecture 17Creating Openings in the Floor Plan
Lecture 18Adding Openings – Part 2
Lecture 19Adding Openings – Part 3
Lecture 20Drawing Doors & Windows
Lecture 21Using Line Types & Linetype Scale
Lecture 22Group and Ungroup Commands
Lecture 23Using Blocks
Lecture 24Using Blocks Library & Dynamic Blocks
Lecture 25Layers – Part 1
Lecture 26Layers – Part 2
Lecture 27Layers – Part 3
Lecture 28Furnishing Bedrooms & Bathrooms – Part 1
Lecture 29Adding Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipments | part 2
Lecture 30Adding Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipments | part 3
Lecture 31Drawing the Kitchen
Lecture 32Drawing the Living Room
Lecture 33Drawing Dining Room & Adding Casework
Lecture 34Adding Steps and Railings
Lecture 35Using Stretch Command
Lecture 36Finishing Steps and patio areas
Lecture 37Hatch command
Lecture 38Hatch Customization
Lecture 39Adding Plants & Finishing Floor Plan


Lecture 40Paper Space & Page Setup Manager
Lecture 41Working with Viewport & Using Print Command
Lecture 42Scale & Using Multiple Viewports
Lecture 43Locking Viewport Scale
Lecture 44Drawing A Titleblock – Part 1
Lecture 45Drawing A Titleblock – Part 2
Lecture 46Copying the Titleblock
Lecture 47Using Titleblock with Attributes
Lecture 48Drawing the Roof Plan
Lecture 49Placing Roof Plan on Sheet
Lecture 50Organizing Project Drawings & Using Layer Freeze
Lecture 51AutoCAD Crashing And What To Do
Lecture 52Exterior elevations – Drawing the Outline
Lecture 53Exterior elevations – Drawing the Openings
Lecture 54Elevations – Detailing – Part 1
Lecture 55Elevations – Detailing – Part 2
Lecture 56Elevations – Repeating the workflow
Lecture 57Elevations – Finishing 3rd Elevation
Lecture 58Elevations – Drawing the final elevation
Lecture 59Sections: Drawing Cut Lines & the Outline
Lecture 60Sections: Placing 1st Section on Sheet
Lecture 61Sections: Drawing Section #2 – Different Technique
Lecture 62Sections: Adding Final Detail
Lecture 63Interior Elevations: Drawing the Outline
Lecture 64Interior Elevations: Placing on Sheet
Lecture 65Interior Elevations: Using Block Clip
Lecture 66Interior Elevations: Final Drawing
Lecture 67Putting the Final Set Together

What Other Students Say


This course is made using U.S. units (Inches & feet) AKA Imperial system

The workflow absolutely works for Windows users as well however the interface is significantly different

This course is fully online

I designed this course specifically for users to apply this workflow for work projects in the architecture & Interior Design industry

Once you purchase the course, you will get access to all 67 lectures in addition to the resources section

If you spend 2-3 hours a day, you should be able to cover and complete the material in 7 days Or less.

7-Day Money Back Guarantee: If you feel you did not get your money’s worth, will refund you in full, no questions asked, period.

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