The Ultimate Guide For Autocad For Mac

I am dedicating this blog post to talk everything about Autocad for Mac – we all love our Macbooks and we want to use it for Autocad too! Let’s face it, who would want to learn another operating system just to use a software? (Yes, I am talking about Windows OS).

I am planning to cover as many topics as possible and make this guide a compass and a reference you can often come back to when in need.

My first suggestion is to bookmark it as you are learning Autocad on Mac and check back for updates.

This blog post will be a work in progress so I am just starting and bare with me if you don’t find what you are looking for – emergency? email us at info@jaycad.com and we’ll see if we can help you sort your problem out.

Happy reading!

A playlist of tutorials for Autocad For Mac

Before You Start

You definitely want to know few things before you jump into Autocad – one of them is if it’s the right software for you?

If you’re planning to learn 3D modeling, then I can tell you this, Autocad is the least fun software to use or to learn for 3D – you need to immediately look into SketchUp.

SketchUp is the most fun software to learn and play with compared to all other design software – Photoshop is no fun at all for example.

If you planning to work into the architecture, interior design, or in relation to the construction industry, then learning Autocad is a no-brainer and a huge asset within your toolset.

Knowing Autocad will set you apart from your peers if you are planning to join a company or a firm. If you are planning to go the solopreneur route, then it’s super handy to use for your project and collaborate with other designers, contractors, and clients.

The Essential Topics


Project Files

File {#} - {delivery-file-name}

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Entry {#}

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Square Feet