Should I Get An As Built or A Land Survey

If you are currently in the planning phase of remodeling your property, doing an addition, or considering a garage conversion (ADU project) then most likely you stumbled upon the terms “As Built drawings” and a “Survey”.

Unless you have a commercial property, then the odds are you don’t have any as built blueprints or survey drawings of your property.

This is normal as most residential properties across the US are built +50 years ago, and especially in major cities. In most cases, the blueprints are long gone and it’s on you now to get new drawings that represent the current property layout.

Some architects & builders will offer to generate as built drawings and document your property so they can assist with the design or building phase of the project. Most of them will ask you to get a company to handle the as built documentation & getting a survey drawing.

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You need to understand that an “as built” drawing is not the same as a “survey”. The terms are often intertwined and can be very confusing specially when someone says an “as built survey”.

As Built drawings (AKA as built blueprints, as built floor plans, as built survey) are commonly referring to drawings that show the interior layout of a property. It shows walls, doors, windows among other bits of information.

As Built Floor Plan Drawings For A residential Property In Los Angeles

Survey drawings or Land survey (boundary survey) usually represent drawings that show the exterior outline of a building(s) and a representation of the property lines.

Land survey for a residential property in Los Angeles
Land survey for a residential property in Los Angeles

You can also think of it that as built drawings are for interior information while land surveys are for exterior information.

Which brings us back to this blog post title “Should I Get An As Built or A Land Survey”

Depending on the scenario you have, you might need either or both.

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You should always double check with your architect (or designer) to see what your project requires.

Unless you are demolishing everything on site, then you will almost always need as built drawings.

Land surveys are usually required for hill side properties or properties with odd shapes & boundaries. Additionally, if you are applying for a building permit from your municipality building & safety department, then your plan checker could deem a land survey required.

At Jay Cad, we always recommend to our clients to budget for both types of drawings to be ready financially just in case.

Both types of drawings price tag is in the thousands so better budget properly than face delays & frustrations down the line.

Check out our extensive as built guide on Jay Cad where we dive deep into everything relating to As Built Drawings

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