What is the meaning of as-built?

As-built drawings are used in construction to document the actual condition of a building or structure at the time of completion. They show the exact location and dimensions of all installed components, as well as any modifications made during construction.

As-built drawings are essential for facilities management and can be used to verify that a building or structure has been built according to the approved plans.

You can obtain as built drawings from the architect or engineer who designed the building or structure, or from the contractor who built it. The drawings may also be available from the local building department.

If you’re planning to renovate a building or structure, as-built drawings can give you a clear understanding of what exists so that you can make informed decisions about what needs to be changed. They can also help you avoid costly mistakes during construction.

When looking at as-built drawings, it’s important to keep in mind that they are a snapshot of the condition of a building or structure at a specific point in time. Things may have changed since the drawing was made, so it’s always best to verify any information that you’re unsure of before making any changes.

Check out our ultimate guide to as-built drawings – we do our best to dive deep into the topic and answer all your questions!

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Check out our as built service page to understand our service offering, the different packages we offer to our customers, and what goes into the drawings.

We recently created a short Youtube video where we go over standard as-built drawings that we offer our customers. We show you a floor plan, exterior elevations, and a roof plan.

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