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As-Built Drawings
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As Built express Building

As-Built Drawings are the First Step
toward getting your Remodeling Project done!

You will need to show the existing layout of the property (As-Built) so you can work with different professionals.

A designer will need it to create the design blueprints and a contractor will need it to provide you with a quote.

Service Packages


This package is good if you are listing the property online or doing a basic interior remodel.


This package is recommended if you are doing basic remodel work or doing an addition.


This package is recommended if you are doing an extensive remodel work and interior design is involved.


Sometimes, you only need the site plan or exterior elevations and we can help with that!

Our Clients Are





Are you a Homeowner?

Homeowners are welcome to contact us for our services and we will coordinate with your designers.

As Built Service Process

Get a quote from us for your project.

We will need your property / project address to help us determine the square footage of the property & understand how many team members we need to send.

We are available 7 days a week and schedule between 10am – 6pm.


We will need to know a few things before the visit such as?


Are there tenants?

Do you have pets?

Is the property vacant?

Is there a gate?

Access code required?

Our team members visit the property to do field measurements & document the space


We spend 2-4 hours on site depending on the property size.

We email you the drawing files (CAD & PDF)

Need drafting for your project? Depending on the project scope of work, we might be able to help you with the design and creating the construction documents. ​


We Offer 3D Walkthroughs

We are happy to offer our clients excellent documentation of their project using 3D walkthroughs.

3D virtual tours walkthrough

Our As-Built Service FAQ

Yes, we do!

Our team will come to your property with masks, gloves, and sanitization wipes to make sure we leave your place clean.

it always depends on the project/property size. we always provide a turnaround time when providing you a quote. 

Rough turnaround times:

  • 500 s.f. – 1200 s.f. :                         3 days
  • 1200 s.f. – 2500 s.f. :                       7 days
  • +3000 s.f. :                                       10 days

need faster turnaround time?

We offer same or next day delivery for an extra fee.

We are available to field measure 7 days/week

Yes, part of our service package is providing you with a layout pdf & all the CAD drawings we create for your project.

CAD file format is Autocad Dwg.

We generally schedule field visits between 11 am – 7 pm.

We try to avoid late visits to take advantage of the sunlight and work more efficiently.

Depending on the property size, our team would spend between 2-6 hours.

In rare cases, we would need to come a second time to verify specific measurements.

Depending on your project/property size and scope of work, it will be one or 2 people.

We mainly provide floor plans and plot (site) plans.

If required, we provide the elevations as well.

We measure and draw walls, doors, windows, kitchen area (if applicable), bathroom, restrooms areas.

We reflect ceiling heights and provide doors & windows sizes.

Typically we provide built-ins measurements as well.

However, before we measure we always confirm with the client the scope of what needs to be measured and reflected on the drawing.

No, we are not surveyors nor certified.

Certain projects require a certified surveyor. We have a few contacts that we can refer you to.

We use Autocad & Revit to create your project drawings.

Yes, we do offer a pricing sheet to qualified customers/professionals that require recurring service.

Contact us to see if you qualify for our pricing sheet.

Yes, our field team is fully vaccinated.

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