Residential & Commercial
As-Built Drawings
in Los Angeles

Residential & Commercial
As-Built Drawings
in Los Angeles

Get Your As-built Drawings Fast Accurate Clean

  • At Jay Cad, we specialize in creating accurate, detailed, and easy to use as-built drawings.

  • Our field & production teams follows an extensive checklist to ensure we provide reliable, clean drawings every time. 

  • Our goal is to create lasting relationships with our customers and develop partnerships

  • We aim to be your partner in success 

Service Packages

This package is good if you are listing the property online or doing a basic interior remodel.

This package is recommended if you are doing basic remodel work or doing an addition.

This package is recommended if you are doing an extensive remodel work and interior design is involved.

Sometimes, you only need the site plan or exterior elevations and we can help with that!

Not Sure What You Need?

  • It all depends on the scope of your project and what you aim to do. 
  • Some projects require extensive documentation while some types of projects require only the minimum information.
  • Below we compiled an extensive list of scenarios and the various reasons people reach out to us to obtain as-built drawings 

Showcasing Layout

If you are planning to just showcase the floor plan layout to prospective buyers

Interior Remodel

No additions, no new windows or doors, not closing any opening on the exterior perimeter

Remodeling Project

Changing any openings in the exterior walls – closing any existing windows or doors or creating new openings

Addition Project

Creating an addition to an existing structure wether on the same level or creating a new story


Creating an addition to an existing structure wether on the same level or creating a new story

Fire Exit Plan

Creating an addition to an existing structure wether on the same level or creating a new story

Interior Decoration

If you are planning to do a new furnishing layout and some rearrangement of existing FF&E

Interior Design

Interior design projects can include interior decoration, new electrical layout, new lighting layout and often requires interior elevations 

Our Clients Are



Interior Designers

Are you a Homeowner?

You are welcome to contact us for our as-built service and we will gladly coordinate with your designers to meet their requirements and needs for your project

As Built Service Process

As simple as 1, 2 , and 3!

Send us the following information to get a quote in less than 24 hrs: 

  • Property address
  • Scope of work 
  • Deliverables
  • Our field team visit the property to do field measurements & document the space
  • We are available 7 days a week and schedule between 11 am – 6 pm.

  • We spend 2-4 hours on site depending on the property size.

Get a clean and organized as-built set emailed to you in CAD & PDF format. 

Residential ADU


List Of Drawings We Create

Revit Format

For the BIM Fans
& Power Designers

3D Virtual Tours

Tour the property from the comfort of your couch! No, literally – you can access it from any device. Simply click on the link and see every single detail! 


No more back and forth visits to the site and no more missed pictures 


We believe 3D virtual tours to be an essential tool for designing projects 

Our team uses Matterport Pro 2 and Matterport Pro 3 to bring best in class 3D virtual tour experience. 

The ultimate package

What we recommend

We believe this package should be the as-built standard in the industry allowing designers & stakeholders to have the most amount of information 

Frequently Asked Questions

it always depends on the project/property size. we always provide a turnaround time when providing you a quote. 

Rough turnaround times:

  • 500 s.f. – 1200 s.f. :                         3-5 days
  • 1200 s.f. – 2500 s.f. :                       5-10 days
  • +3000 s.f. :                                       10 days

need faster turnaround time?

Please let our manager know if you would like an expedited service for a premium price 

We do not currently

We do not currently

We currently schedule Monday to Friday at 11 am

  • Yes, part of our service package is providing you with a layout pdf & all the CAD drawings we create for your project.
  • CAD file format is Autocad Dwg 
We generally schedule field visits between 11 am – 7 pm. We try to avoid late visits to take advantage of the sunlight and work more efficiently.
Depending on the property size, our team would spend between 2-6 hours. In rare cases, we would need to come a second time to verify specific measurements.

Depending on your project/property size and scope of work, it will be 2-3 people

No, we are not surveyors nor certified.

We recommend you contact a local surveyor to assist you with your surveying needs 

We can offer a pricing sheet once we establish a partnership and have helped you with 5 or more projects 

Please let our manager know if you would like our field team to wear gloves and masks while performing the field measurements

Yes, our field team is fully vaccinated.

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