Answers to common questions.  Your ADU FAQ.


What is an ADU?

Accessory Dwelling Unit – essentially a secondary living unit attached or detached from the main residence.

What kind of ADU can I build?

Firstly, you can convert the garage into an ADU.
Secondly, you can build an attached ADU to your residence.
Thirdly, you can build an ADU above your garage.
Lastly, you can build a stand-alone ADU and keep your garage if your lot has enough space

Can the ADU share a door with the main residence?

No, it can’t – it has to be a separate living unit.

Do I need parking for my ADU?

If you are within a 1/2 mile radius from a bus stop – most likely no!

Can I build an ADU above my garage?

Yes you can with some height restrictions.

How big can I build my ADU?

You can go up to 1200 sq. ft.

Can I build 2-story ADU?

Most likely yes with some height restrictions.

Do I need an architect for my ADU project?

It depends how much structural work is involved and for simple projects, no.

Do I need an engineer for my ADU project?

It depends on the structural work involved and for simple projects, no.
You can use either an architect or an engineer for your project.

Can a drafter create the drawings for an ADU?

Yes, a drafter can create a complete set for your ADU project. If a project requires an engineer, then he/she can stamp the drafting set.

Additional ADU FAQ

Can my ADU have separate meters?

Yes, you can install a separate water & electricity meter.

Who is involved in an ADU project?

A lot of people usually! But here are the key people.
Draftsman / architect
Engineer (sometimes)
Your city Building & Safety dept.

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