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Garage Conversion and Stand-alone ADU in Los Angeles

Explore Your ADU Options

Attached ADU

  • You can convert an existing space inside the building to an ADU like a storage area, or an office room among other potential spaces¬†
  • You cannot add square footage¬†

Detached ADU

  • You can keep your garage and add a separate ADU on the lot.
  • Most flexible option with the ability to go the biggest possible¬†
  • Can do 2 stories ADU
  • Can go above the garage

Conversion ADU

  • You can convert a storage space, garage, or secondary buildings on site to an ADU¬†
  • Easiest way is to convert an existing garage into an ADU¬†
  • Limited on addition up to 150 SF

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Scope Of Service

Scope Of Service

Preliminary Feasibility

  • The first step toward any project is determining the feasibility of the scope of work and recognizing potential challenges up-ahead¬†
  • We look into almost every matter that could affect your project from site conditions to city plan check review turnaround.¬†

As-Built Documentation

  • Also known as “as-is” drawings or existing layout blueprints.¬†
  • In this phase, we send our field team to document the existing layout of your property as required for city submission and for us to reference the existing layout.¬†

Design Drawings

Our design team create designs that are: 


  • Zone aware¬†
  • Code compliant¬†
  • Ensuring city staff approval¬†
  • Easy to construct

Permit Set Drawings

Once a design is drafted and approved, our senior staff will create a permit set with all the essential information for a building permit application and submit to the city Building & Safety department 

Application Submission & City Review

After the application is submitted along with the drawings, the city staff will review all the materials and get back to us with comments, and a list of all the required agencies to reach out regarding the project

Residential ADU
Residential ADU

Un-Permitted Conversion

You already have a converted garage but you didn’t pull the permits or got the property with an already converted garage?
The CITY BUILDING DEPARTMENT sent you a NOTICE to address it? We can help you too!

We helped many homeowners with their ADU projects and got the building permit or approval or existing conversion.


Handy resources that explain some of the processes involved in doing an ADU project. 

These resources are created by other entities and agencies and Jay Cad is not affiliated with any of those agencies

ADU Grant

Get up to $40k grant to cover soft costs associated with doing an ADU project. Qualification is based on income. 

Building Permit Process

Official guide from LADBS (Los Angeles Department of Building & Safety)

Guide To Remodels

The homeowners guide to additions and remodels

Clearances List

We are slowly working on adding a list of common clearances required for ADU projects

Permit Application

Most recent application form for a building permit 

The ADU Service Process

Have questions?  Check out our ADU FAQ page for more info.

Why Hire Jay Cad

We believe communication is essential to the success of any project. 

We aim to provide clarity to our customers and partners to ensure a smooth experience for everyone involved in a project. 

We create accurate drawings that reflect the existing conditions and make sure to show every significant feature. By using professional tools & software, it allows us to create high quality drawings with a very small margin of error.

Our extensive experience and track record of completed projects allows us to provide a competitive and speedy service. 


Residential ADU

Service Areas

We currently serve residences in Los Angeles city only which includes the following communities: 

  • Woodland Hills
  • West Hills¬†
  • Canoga Park
  • Winnetka¬†
  • Chatsworth
  • Los Feliz¬†
  • Tarzana
  • Encino
  • Reseda
  • Northridge
  • Granda Hills
  • North Hollywood
  • Sylmar
  • Mission Hills
  • Panorama City
  • Van Nuys
  • Sherman Oaks
  • Studio City¬†

Limitations on ADUs

Allowed in residential zones Рcould be allowed in mixed zones РTBD 

  • For a detached new ADU, the front setback is 55′
  • For detached conversion, it can be on the front side of the lot but with a limited addition of 150 SF

  • For attached ADU addition for existing single family dwelling, the zone setback will determine the front setback.¬†

  • For attached ADU conversion for existing single family dwelling, no addition is allowed¬†



  • The rear setback is 4′ for 1st story, and 5′ for 2nd story¬†
  • Unless there is an easement, you cannot encroach on the easement¬†

Similar to rear yard setback

General rule of thumb is 10′ separation distance between an ADU and other structures on the lot¬†

Depending on type of ADU – generally 16′ max height – TBD

Depending on the type of the project but the max allowable is 1200 SF

  • Solar is required for newly constructed ADUs excluding manufactured units
  • Can be installed on the main residence or the ADU unit itself¬†
  • ¬†not required for conversions or ADUs in additions¬†


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All information shared on this page is for educational purpose – refer to your local agency for detailed and accurate information


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