6 Benefits of a Sunroom Addition to Your Home

7 Home Additions That Can Add Value to Your Property

Did you know adding a sunroom to your home will improve its value? Sunroom additions will provide another place to sit or a spot for seed starting. If you want to learn about the benefits of a sunroom, keep reading.

In this guide, you’ll learn why you should add a sunroom to your home. Get inspired by sunroom addition ideas that suit the aesthetic of your house.

Ready to learn more? Check out the tips below.

1. Increase the Value of Your Home

People who choose to add a sunroom to their house will end up with an increased house value. The sunroom will provide a beautiful space to entertain and will create usable space for home buyers.

Learn about other unique home additions that will improve the value of your house. 

2. Experience Savings

Sunrooms are less expensive than adding a traditional addition to the house. They will conserve energy.

Modern sunrooms have energy-efficient options like eco-friendly glass or window panes.

3. Health Benefits of a Sunroom

Sunlight will benefit you and your family’s health. A lot of people actually suffer from a vitamin D deficiency.

With a sunroom, you can improve the amount of sunlight exposure your family receives. In the morning, enjoy the natural light and quiet time before the day’s busyness.

You will also have a place to escape to and de-stress. Enjoy the tranquility of the outdoors.

4. How Do Sunrooms Get Built?

People will often build a sunroom to extend their home into nature. There are all kinds of different configurations or styles of sunrooms. The best design will blend in with your existing house.

Visibility and openness will benefit the sunroom. They are a lot less difficult to build than a conventional building addition.

Sunrooms will use an existing base like a wooden deck or concrete patio. They often have opaque roofs compared to shingles or metal roofing.

Your sunroom will act as a modern porch, where people would gather and sit while entertaining or hosting parties.

Yet, you won’t spend time out on the porch if it’s raining or snowing. A sunroom allows people to watch nature without experiencing the cold elements.

Sunrooms evolve as conversions of patios or porches. Most sunrooms will get built from structural vinyl or aluminum. They can get created from insulated and thermally broken glass.

What do people use a sunroom for? Sunrooms will work as a gathering area for the family. People will enjoy the nature view.

Families often use a sunroom for a children’s playroom or even a home office. Some people will use it as a family room, while others will enjoy it for exercise.

Think about why you want a sunroom. Is it a space for crafts or multiple activities?

Would you like a primary green space where you can start your garden seedlings?

5. Sunroom Addition Ideas

Enjoy the natural scenery of the outdoors without interacting with the weather elements. You can get a sunroom that will be incorporated into your house. Pick from a high-quality selection of styles.

Sunrooms can evolve into different applications or designs. You might choose a four- or three-season sunroom. Some people prefer a year-round sunroom. Other variations include conservatories and porch enclosures.

If you want a three-season sunroom, you can use it during the fall, spring, and summer. This kind of sunroom will use lightweight material to let the light in but keep the wind and rain out.

It will also give people shade from the direct sun during hot summer days.

Sunrooms built for three seasons don’t usually get insulated. They also don’t have an auxiliary heat source. Might have a fan to circulate air and provide relief during the hot summer days.

They might have temporary space heaters that will take away the morning or fall evening chill.

Three-season sunrooms are a great option compared to a year-round sunroom. People in Florida might choose a three-season sunroom. They don’t need to worry about the colder months.

If you don’t live in a warm region, you should look at getting a year-round sunroom. This way, you can enjoy the sunroom even in the middle of the winter. Enjoy a hot cup of cocoa while a blizzard whirls around you.

6. Don’t Worry About Furniture Getting Damaged

People who choose to get a sunroom addition won’t have to worry about the elements damaging their furniture. Don’t worry about dragging in your outdoor chairs or tables during a storm.

Decorate your sunroom the way you would like without worrying about storage. You can also pick comfortable items that don’t get exposed to the rain or sun. 

Also, people love sunrooms because they avoid pests. If you and your family suffer from allergies, you’ll certainly enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of a sunroom. Don’t worry about pollen triggers anymore.

Consider a Sunroom Addition

We hope this guide to the benefits of a sunroom addition to your home was helpful. You can enjoy another hosting area in your home with a sunroom addition. In a cool climate, look at getting a year-round sunroom addition.

Consider why you will build the sunroom. Will you use it for a home office, a place to start seeds, or a spot to hang out with the family?

Contact us today to get a quote if you have any drafting needs! We will happily help you design any of your ideas here at Jay Cad!


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