5 Reasons to Get as Built Drawings

5 Reasons to Get as Built Drawings

As built drawings are a vital component of the design and construction process. Here are five reasons to get as built drawings!

In the US, the revenue of the Architecture Industry was over $43 billion in 2022. They are responsible for creating the building design in construction projects. Architects are also responsible for the visual appearance of the building.

The Architects help in bringing a concept or idea to life. They present the design and test for project feasibility. They do this by providing an as built drawing to the client.

As built drawings are representations of buildings. In it are the parts and systems that make up the building. It provides a blueprint of the building and the land that surrounds it.

Usually, as built drawings only show the general layout of the building. The drawing layout includes the placement of walls, doors, windows, and stairs.

Every construction needs as built drawings. They are a vital component in the design and the construction process.

Do you want to get your as built drawing? If in doubt, here are five reasons for getting an as built drawing.

1. Better Building Maintenance

Having a clear idea of the building layout is crucial in facility management. Building owners must know the locations of the systems on their property. They save time and money by knowing the system locations.

The as built drawings provide the maintenance team with the layout of the building. In it are the location of wirings, plumbing, and fixture. This knowledge comes in handy for repairs.

It also presents the floorplans and the elevation of the building. This information allows the maintenance team to navigate areas that need repairs.

When parts need replacement, the as built drawing specifies what materials to use. It will make their job easy since it provides the specific dimension of the building parts. Following the layout ensures the repairs don’t change the original design.

2. Helps the Construction Teams

There are over 900,000 people who work as construction laborers. They perform tasks that involve physical labor at construction sites. Other duties can include working with other equipment to build the structure.

Having an as built drawing allows project managers to assign tasks to the laborers. It gives everyone on the team what areas need work depending on their skills. The plan and layout can help the team improve the operation by knowing the final design.

Changes to the plan should be in the as built drawing. It also includes the changes in the materials used in the construction. The material change can be its type, size, and location.

The as built drawing records all the changes in the location of openings. It includes the windows, doors, and even plumbing and fixtures. These changes happen after or in response to inspections done by the architect.

Final as built drawings also include unanticipated obstacles in construction. It presents how the construction team overcomes it. It then provides the team with the final design and exact building dimensions.

3. Demolition and Future Renovations

If the owners decide to renovate the building, they will have the exact measurements with as built drawings. They can compare the current design with the proposed plans. This step allows them to set an appropriate budget for the project.

The as built drawing provides information on the building materials. This information will allow future contractors to use appropriate materials during the construction. The reference can help the contractors to see errors in the original design.

Contractors can use the as built drawing to locate the alarm system in the building. They might cut one of the systems while working on the project. Knowing the fire and smoke alarms location is a safety concern.

As built drawings give the building owners an accurate representation of the final project. If they decide to do renovations, they will have the building specifications. They will also need this for future building repairs and maintenance.

4. Record Construction Process

Contractors mark the changes on the original plan during construction. The project architects then incorporate those changes into the final designs. The drawings are a collaboration between these construction professionals.

As built drawings are possible thanks to the knowledge of architects, engineers, and contractors. These professionals know how the different building systems work and connect. Hiring professionals is crucial in ensuring quality and safety.

The as built drawings allow contractors to track the progress of the project. It gives them an idea of what areas need work. Having an as built drawing is also a way to troubleshoot potential construction issues.

Contractors can use as built drawings to visualize the next step of the construction. It can also help them set realistic completion dates. The project managers can also make proper adjustments on material purchasing dates.

Accurate as built drawings provide building owners estimates on the time of project completion. This information comes in handy during the sales process. It gives potential buyers the exact date of completion upon sale.

Future buyers can access the records of all installations during construction. It gives them an idea of what they can add to the building upon buying it.

5. Improves Onboarding Process

During the construction process, the as built drawings help subcontractors adjust faster. They can review the design and understand what other areas need work. They can detect and address potential issues as soon as changes happen.

Onboarding is the process of introducing new members to the construction project. Here, they get all the information they need about the building. An as built drawing is helpful, especially to subcontractors.

Subcontracting is a practice where contractors assign a project to another party. This practice often happens when the contractor lacks the resources for a task. These tasks can include plumbing, heating, and air-conditioning services.

General contractors and subcontractors can see the works done on the building. They can use this as a detailed record for the completed design. The construction team can compare the changes between the initial and final design.

The subcontractors should know the location of the systems that run the building. This step can prevent accidents like cutting electric wires and alarms. Providing as built drawings can help them finish the task with more efficiency.

Use As Built Drawings Today!

Know you are aware of what are as built drawings and their benefits. Use accurate as built drawings to document your construction progress.

These are the reasons for getting as built drawings for your constructions project. There are many benefits of as built drawings, so go and get one now.

Contact us today for your project’s as built drawings. We have the hardware, software, and technicians to provide you with the best services.


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