What are 3D Virtual Tours of your properties?

3D virtual tours are a graphic image or video presentation of an object or space. It creates the illusion that the viewer has been transported to another location. Thus providing a visual representation of a place not readily available for viewing in its entirety.

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Benefits Of 3D Virtual Tours For Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents are using 3D Virtual Tours to sell their real estate listings, and it is working. A high-quality 3D virtual tour increases the number of views per listing on Realtor.com by 66%. Sale prices are reported to grow about $10 for every 1,000 views.

3D Virtual Tours are the best way to sell property online. The 3D virtual tour is a new concept that has proven its worth for real estate agents. It provides a more immersive experience than flat pictures can. Allowing viewers to get the best sense of what it’s really like at your place by showing them a complete three-dimensional image from any angle. In addition, virtual tours allow viewers to access information relevant to the property in a way that is more nuanced and detailed than can typically be expected of video.

3D Virtual Tours are more than just a way for you to show what amenities are available. They give home buyers a chance to visualize their furniture and belongings in the property and better understand the neighborhood and its surroundings. People are more likely to buy a home if they can imagine themselves living there. So 3D Virtual Tours give you the ability to create that reality for them.

What Are the Features of a 3D Virtual Tour?

The following are the most popular 3D virtual tour elements:

Interactive Floor Plan: The floor plan gives users a bird’s eye view of your home. With an interactive map, clients can scroll through each room and click to go inside the rooms they like best. 

Virtual Reality Tour: Provides an immersive experience using mobile devices or VR headsets, including Samsung Gear, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive. 

Panoramic View: The panoramic view is a picture taken at an angle that wraps around a full 360 degrees. Clients can click & drag to move the camera in any direction.

Virtual Home Walk: A Virtual HomeWalk allows clients to navigate your property by following arrows on a map. Each arrow is linked to a video that you can customize to lead clients to the areas of your home.

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Why should You Use Them?

3D Virtual Tours lets you create a personal connection with your clients. Homebuyers can scroll through photos, click in and out of rooms, and adjust the camera angle to see exactly what they’re interested in viewing. The images are more realistic than flat pictures or videos. With over 70% of potential home buyers using mobile, 3D virtual tours are the best way to reach them on all platforms. They help you sell more homes.

They also help you show off your property better than a video or flat picture ever could. 3D virtual tours are the perfect way to walk clients through your listing and give them a sense of what it’s really like being there. They can access information about properties fast and in an intuitive way. Virtual Tours are ideal for showing clients relevant details in a more nuanced and detailed way than can typically be expected of video.

What a 3D Virtual Tour Looks Like

3D virtual tours utilize panoramic technology to allow clients to view your home from any angle. When presented with this type of environment, buyers can get a better sense of what’s in each room and how they fit together, and their relationship to each other.

Virtual reality tours take things one step further by providing a more immersive experience. Using the technology of an Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or Gear VR headset, clients can virtually walk through your home and use their senses to get a true sense of scale in each space.

3D virtual tours are essential because they boost buyer engagement and increase your search rankings on major real estate websites. According to a survey conducted by Zillow, realtors who use 3D virtual tours see an increase in traffic to their website, as well as a 10-13% increase in leads and an 11-15% increase in closed sales.

4 Ways Virtual Tours Can Increase Your Revenue

1. Reach Out to More Buyers 

When you have a 3D virtual tour, buyers aren’t limited by your office’s hours. Instead, they can access information about properties 24/7 from anywhere in the world, at any time of day.

2. Show off Specific Rooms and Areas 

Two-dimensional photos and videos can’t do your listing justice when it comes to conveying the true sense of scale. With a 360-degree virtual tour, you can show off every square inch of your property so that buyers get a clear understanding of what they’re getting. From the size and layout of each room to unique features like a cozy fireplace or extra guest bath, there’s no detail that a 3D virtual tour can’t present.

3. Provide More Information About Your Home 

Adding photos and videos to your listing is great for giving clients an overview of the property, but it doesn’t provide much context. A 3D virtual tour allows you to include text and links that provide more details about the home and information about local schools, shopping centers, recreational activities, and other amenities.

4. Showcase New Features and Upgrades 

One of the best ways to sell a home is by showing off any new features or upgrades that have been made in recent years. A 3D tour allows you to showcase things like newly refinished hardwood floors, upgraded lighting fixtures, additions such as a garage or patio, and more. It even allows you to show off your charming fireplace or impressive tile work, which is a must-have for most buyers in today’s market.

Conclusion and Next Steps

A 3D virtual tour is a great resource that helps you to showcase your home’s best features. Whether you’re a realtor, builder, or homeowner, there’s no better way to reach more prospects than with a 3D virtual tour! Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of using a 3D virtual tour for your business.


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